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AeroFlow® electric radiator SLIM TALL 1600 FlexiSmart
AeroFlow® electric radiator SLIM TALL 1600...
AeroFlow® electric heater with fireclay storage core 1600 watts Modern energy-saving surface storage heating through highly compacted memory core made of firebrick and newly developed AeroFlow® manufacturing process. Comfortable and even...
649,00 € *
AeroFlow® Elvärme
AeroFlow® electric radiator with fireclay storage core Advantages and product information Surface storage heaters with firebrick storage core combine the advantages of classic storage heating with those of direct heating. They heat up...
från 349,00 € *
Abdeckung Heizkörper.jpeg
cover plate for AeroFlow® electric radiator
AeroFlow® radiator cover available for all AeroFlow® electric radiators in their respective widths
från 20,00 € *
Seitenteil Display.jpeg
AeroFlow® electric heater side panel
Side panel for AeroFlow® electric heater Available by the 3 heater construction heights 325 mm, 610 mm or 1250 mm and in the following equipment versions each: - FlexiComfort (with digital display regulator) - FlexiComfortApp (with radio...
85,00 € *
AeroFlow® Internet-modul för FlexiSmart
AeroFlow® Internet-modul för FlexiSmart
FlexiSmart-Internet-Module as Gateway for AeroFlow® This interface enables the central control and operation of heaters with FlexiSmart controllers from a mobile device (smartphone / tablet PC). - Connection to WiFi router via Ethernet...
119,00 € *
AeroFlow® wall bracket
For our AeroFlow® electric radiators in the appropriate height 325mm, 610mm or 1250mm. Note: The screws and dowels included in the set are standard. For the installation of the radiator e.g. on drywall / stud walls, suitably suitable...
20,00 € *
Bathroom radiator type BH114E with KTX2...
Bathroom radiator with KTX controller Advantages of our KTX-2 electric immersion heater: - easy handling - To switch on and off - 2 hour timer - Temperature setting at the touch of a button - Temperature control from 30-60 ° C -...
239,00 € *
BH116E 800x800.jpeg
Bathroom radiator type BH116E with KTX2...
Bathroom radiator with KTX controller Advantages of our KTX-2 electric immersion heater: - easy handling - To switch on and off - 2 hour timer - Temperature setting at the touch of a button - Temperature control from 30-60 ° C -...
289,00 € *
castors for AeroFlow® electric radiators
Metal castors for AeroFlow electric heaters Make your radiator mobile! The castors make the AeroFlow electric heater movable while ensuring a secure footing. This allows you to position the pleasant heat source exactly where you need it....
79,00 € *
Wireless thermostat X3D (app-ready)
Programmable wireless thermostat X3D For wall mounting or as a stand. This radio transmitter controls your AeroFlow electric heaters with X3D radio receiver. It is possible to program up to 20 heaters with a transmitter *. * Please note...
89,00 € *
handduksstång för AeroFlow® el-element
Our towel rail for your AeroFlow electric heatersTo dry your towels or tea towels with the radiator heat without concealing the ventilation slots of the heater.The installation is very easy - just hook in the slats and you're done.No...
49,00 € *
Radiator cleaning brush with goat hair
The practical cleaning brush for our AeroFlow radiators Did you know that dusty radiators use more electricity? A dusty surface can no longer dissipate the heat evenly into the room like a blank heating surface. That's why we've built...
29,00 € *
LED Wand- und Deckenleuchte Jamaika
Unsere LED Wand- und Deckenleuchte Jamaika eignet sich für viele Einsatzmöglichkeiten. Die Leuchte sorgt für hervorragende Lichtverhältnisse in Büros, Arztpraxen, Geschäften, Restaurants, Wohnräumen, Sporthallen oder als Ersatz für...
från 96,00 € *
LED-panel med eller utan fjärrkontroll
Our LED panels are suitable for many applications. The LED panels provide excellent lighting conditions in offices, doctors' offices, shops, restaurants, living rooms, gymnasiums or as a replacement for conventional fluorescent lamps....
från 35,00 € *
base for AeroFlow® electric radiators
The practical base for AeroFlow electric heaters With this stand, you can set up your AeroFlow electric heater freely in the room. The sturdy metal frame guarantees a secure footing and prevents tipping over of the device. This allows...
49,00 € *
takmonteringsramar för LED-paneler
The ceiling mounting frames are optimally matched to our LED panels. The frames are high quality processed and suitable for attachment to all ceiling systems. The mounting frames can also be used for other suitable LED panels. The height...
från 49,00 € * 59,00 € *
TYDOM 1.0 gateway webconnector X3D - WiFi /IP
TYDOM 1.0 Home Automation Gateway WiFi / IP. This interface enables the central control and operation of the building services (heating management, home automation, security technology) from a smartphone / tablet PC. - Connection to WiFi...
120,00 € *