New light for the classic car garage

When Mr. Minzer comes to his small garage, he is usually driven by the urge to go and wants to start immediately. But the cozy classic car garage, which he operates in an attached area of ​​his house near Hamburg, is surrounded by some large trees. So not much light shines into the building, but that's what he needs to work. The fine mechanics he produces and often embellished sometimes in hours of small work, can only be done well in bright light. Since the workbench is too small to set up a bright uplighter and a simple spotlight from the ceiling cast too many shadows, the light was never optimal for his needs.

That changed when a friend told him of LED panels. "All of a sudden there was perfect light and I had almost no problem with disturbing shadows in my workspace.", He writes. With the 72 watt panel that he built directly over his table, he illuminates his work space completely and almost without shadows. The small table now shines bright as day and he can work whenever he feels like it.

"The installation went quickly," he tells us. "A few screws in the wall and everything is fixed". Since the installation of the lightweight 62x62 cm panel is just as uncomplicated as any simple lamp, but it can come up with a much more effective light radiation, the classic car lovers has brought the perfect light in the garage. "Now I always work in bright sunshine.", Minzer jokes and flips on the panel, which immediately plunges the room into a pleasant light. Then he returns to his work ...

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