Electric heating retrofitting at the Hases

After a successful test and expansion of the old night storage, it is time to set up the new AeroFlow® heaters at family Hases house.

The construction is quick and uncomplicated: Unpack, mount the pedestals, upend the radiator, done. The still missing 230V outlets after removal of the night storage an electrician has installed in the summer months. For this purpose, the existing cables from the night storage ovens power supply have been simply "reconnected" to 230 volts. The old cables now end in a standard Schuko socket over the baseboards.

The plan is to control the new AeroFlow® fleet smart via the mobile phone. The Hase family ordered the FlexiSmart Gateway for their FlexiSmart heaters. This is powered by the supplied AC adapter and connected to the router via network cable. With a push of a button on the back of the Gateway, the smartphone is paired with the free AeroFlow-app from Google Play (also available for Apple iOS).

Now the new electric heaters have to get acquainted with the gateway. For this purpose, Mr. Hase creates a new "zone" in the app - preferably one for each room. Then add the heaters to the zone, eg "Kitchen". To do this, he clicks on "Add" in the newly created zone, goes to the radiator and select "Link Gateway" in the settings of the labeled controller menu. The app and the heating are now known to each other.

The installation of the heating plans with the App is done in a few minutes. Also an absence, the adjustment of the temperature correction as well as the monitoring of the frost protection temperature and the window open sensor can be easily edited in the zone settings.

The possible vacation mode, the boost function as well as the possibility to control the heaters comfortably on the go, also offer high comfort.

Family Hase is now looking forward to the slightly cooler temperatures and the practical use of AeroFlow® heaters.

If possible, we will soon provide an overview of the electricity costs of the heaters.

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