Attika ensures enlightenment in the home office

Good light in the office is especially important for fatigue-free work. This was also noted by Mr Stettler when his boss complied with his request to set up a home office workstation. The couple Stettler had moved after the birth of the third child in December 2017 in the new house on the outskirts of Gütersloh and the Stettlers was glad that dad now has less time to travel to work. After the first hours of work in the new home office, however, he quickly realized that the lighting situation in the room was not optimal.

A bright LED ceiling light for the way to too dark home office was a must. But this should not only be stylish and fit well into the decor, but should take as much space as possible in the already not particularly large office. After some research on the Internet, Mr. Stettler became aware of the YourLamp LED panels in a modern design. In keeping with the rest of the furnishings, he opted for the model "Attika" with a white frame.

After installing the LED panel, Mr. Stettler was immediately convinced of the lighting equipment, he told us. The 54 watts of power with over 4,500 lm (lumens) now illuminate the entire desk. At the same time, the neutral white light color of 4,000 Kelvin creates a light that is particularly suitable for office work and can lighten the mood on long home office days. The 39-year-old was able to create a discreet eye-catcher by harmoniously harmonizing the white powdered "Attica" frame with an additional wood veneer.

Mrs. Stettler was especially enthusiastic about the simple ceiling mounting, as she told us. By attaching to the ceiling, the 120 x 30 cm large LED panel is not only absolutely space-saving, but also absolutely child-proof, as there are no cables or plugs where curious children's hands could pull.

After this illumination with the LED ceiling lamp, the couple plans to equip more rooms with YourLamp LED panels.

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