Lawn edge as a separator for the parking space of the robotic lawnmower
The classic storage cellar is out of fashion but is gaining more importance again. However, the prerequisite is always a temperature above freezing point ...
After a successful test and removal of the old night storage, it is time to set up the new AeroFlow® heaters at family Hases house.
In the Swiss holiday home you heat in winter with AeroFlow®
The roost in the garden house not only offers more heat for overnight guests.
Not every lamp spends the right light to work. Those who want it shadow free and illuminated, should look at .
The geriatric night storage heaters are finally dismantled!

Light in summer residence

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Underfloor heating and electric heating as an extension ensure relaxed togetherness
After more than 15 years, the Hase family replaces the old night storage heaters with modern electric heaters from AeroFlow®
It does not work?! Go then! Thanks to adjustable heating plan.
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